Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Five things you want right now (material):
– A pair of loafers or nice summer wedges.
– The perfect bag.
– My drivers license.
– A treadmill and a high desk.
– Chocolate.

Five things I want right now (non material):
– A dog.
– My best friend to have her baby while I'm in town!
– Summer.
– My family to be less dramatic. haha.
– My pizza to be ready. (only 5min to go!)

Five things that bothers me:
– People that never have anything good to say, is your life really THAT bad?
– People that can't be truly happy for other people. Jealousy is not charming.
– Money talk.
– People who borrow things and doesn't give it back, doesn't matter if it's a 15 year old dvd, money or a pair of shoes..
– The fact that phone deals are so different in different countries. For examlpe.. In Finland they have free data, in Sweden we pay a fair bit for it.. In England you get free minutes and data abroad, in Sweden that's a dream deal!

Five things I love:
– Carl.
– My friends and Family.
– Bread.
– Pretty things.
– Surprises.

Emma Watson.

If I had to pick a human to rule the whole world, it would be Emma Watson.
Who would you pick?

Good morning,

Guess where I am?

I'm in Nyköping, a medium sized city about 100km from Stockholm. This is where most of my family lives, and I'm only here till tomorrow but it's always nice to come and see what everyone is upto. :)

I'm really here because I missed my best friends baby shower (I know! how could I?) so I come bearig gifts. haha. And we're meeting up later today for lunch. :) Can't wait to see her, she's 8 months pregnant now and I'm more than excited for her and her fiancé to have this little baby.

Also, how come when you take pictures of yourself with the cam, they look great when you press the button but they still come out weird? How it that possible? haha. Soo.. This is me right now, au natural and a little weird lookig (I blame the laptop!)

Monday, 11 May 2015


How hard is spinning after you haven't done it for a while/ever!? Oh my God.. I spent the first 7 minutes asking myself what I have I got myself into, and the following 3 I started planning my own funeral. I'm happy to say after the first 10minutes it got a lot easier and I'm doing it again today at 12.
For anyone who haven't tried spinning before; you should! It's a great work out for pretty much your whole body. It's only like 30-45minutes of hard work but can burn about 500kcal. Great for weightloss and to get stronger legs and bum. :) And it's fun!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Do you remember?

Remember a few weeks back when I posted about my lemon tree? So I put 8 seeds in a pot and thought "one of them might grow.." and look at this.. 2 weeks later I have 8 lemon tress growing in a tiny little pot. haha. I wonder how long it will be before I actually get fruit on these? Maybe next summer? Drop me a comment if you know how long it might take? :)

It's the big one in the corner which is the one I took a picture of last time.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

The most random thing..

I was walking around in our flat this morning and I thought "We have so many random things around".. So I have to show you guys the most random thing of them all. This naked fat woman sitting on a bowl. Haha. It gets worse, there are sweets in there, but they have been out of date since 2008. That's nearly 10 years!

So how did this end up here?

Well, my nan had it on her TV when I was little, she doesn't like sweets very much so she'd put them in there and just leave them there. Then in 2010 I got this little weird thing handed to me. I just don't have the heart to throw the sweets out.

This caused a little bit of drama when Carls brother came over a few months ago, and he ate one of the mints in there. Haha. He asked what kind of horrible swedish sweet it was.

Friday, 8 May 2015

The standard Yves Rocher shop of the month.. here. This is what I got this time, I love the nail polish, they had it in that kind of blue as well, you know the blue that is everywhere now. baby blue? Is that what it's called? But I have so many blues I thought this one is better. 

Other than that I got a face cream, which is brilliant as I use them every day. I actually got the other one of these not long ago as well. The little pencil thing is to make nail patterns but I think I'll just use it to make my french manicure nicer. haha. 

The Bio-Oil is meant to be really good for stretch marks? I've never used it before but I'll give it a go. As i once was a chubby little girl I have some stretchies I need to get rid of. haha. 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Look what I got..

Aren't these pretty?

I got them from Carl (obviously) for no reason other than he thought I should have them. When we lived in England he used to buy me flowers every Monday but here it's a lot less but it still happens every so often. He always pick the most colourful ones as well. haha. He also says my love for him is measured in cans.. So if I go to the shop without him and bring back a can of Coke Zero, I'll have a very happy boyfriend. haha. :)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

New in!

Good afternoon, just thought I'd show you last weekends shopping. Nothing special, but I feel like I need a bit of a wardrobe upgrade. These will fit in perfectly I think, and they look really good on as well. The jeans have stripes on them and I'll show you next time I'm wearing them - it's hard to get when they're just lying on a table..

What do you think?

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

So this happened..

Hi, so I haven't been on here for a few days. Not sure why really. It's hard to blog when you don't really have anything special to blog about? But anyway..

This weekend we went a little crazy with the shopping. I can't actually remember why we went shopping in the first place, but I'm sure we needed something.. I ended up getting a whole new outfit (which I'll show you tomorrow) and we also got ourselves a new little toy.

We decided we needed a Nintendo Wii U in our lives, so we found one and bought it. As you can see we got a few games with it as well, and some Mario game which is a little bit like Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo. It's amazing!

So it's been keeping us busy the last few days. Now all I need is a Wii Balance Board so I can get the Wii Fit as well and get myself in to better shape. :) I've heard it's meant to be great. Have you tried it? Let me know what you think. :)

Let's be friends!