Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Good evening,

I was just looking at old photos on my laptop when I came across a really old photo of Jackson. We've had him for a little over 2 years now, and when we got him he was maybe 3 months old so I've never actually seen him this little in real life but look at this, this is the picture of him I saw online when I decided he was the one for me! haha.

Also, did you know that we were going to name him Marley, but when we got there he already had a name and we didn't have the heart to change it. So his name is Jackson, because he has a white paw (like Michael Jacksons white glove.)

And this is what he looks like now. <3

Easy peasy

This day has been soo relaxing so far, I have pretty much spent my day watching Made in Chelsea. But I'm just about to move my ass from the couch and sort some little bits out with our move. :)

Also I need to start getting ready soon for my dinner later. I'm going out with a friend of mine and I have some things to sort out in town first so I should really like put some proper clothes on and make myself look more presentable. haha.

Anyway, how has your day been? :)

My new nail kit.

Hello there world.

A few days a go I got this little cute thing. A small little nail kit to have in my bag. I always have a nail file in my bag just in case, because if i don't and something happens to one of my nails I will stat picking it and it will ruin the whole nail.. So this it perfect right? It even looks cute. Going to go and put this back in my bag now before I forget.. :)

Monday, 30 March 2015

Look what I found!

When I was packing our books yesterday I found this!
It's a notebook I got for my 20th birthday. As you can see the plastic it still on it I've never written anything in it. But I had a great idea, as it says Follow your dreams on it, I'm going to write down little goals in it. It could be for a week, year or 5 years.. anything from "Before next Sunday I want to have went for 3 runs and not ate any snacks." to "Before I start Uni I want to buy meself a Chanel bag!" Just any little goal I have at the moment.

Also, it says Press Me in German (I think) on it, and if you press the button lights come on! haha. I love this little thing. So happy I found it. :)

Speaking of weird collections..

Did you know I collect dvd's (and other things) with Edward Furlong?

My close friends know this and think it's a little strange, but ever since I watched American History X for the first time I've been buying little things here and there with Edward Furlong. Did you know he's made Cd's? haha. Got 'em! It's not easy finding a few of these films, cd's and other things. I even had to buy a new dvd player so I could watch dvd's from Canada and Japan at home..

I have packed a few of the films already and the Cd's are probably in box downstairs but here is a little sneakpeak of my weird collection.

- Here's a fun yet a little bit pathetic side note:
When I just turned 18, Ed Furlong was meant to come to a SciFi convent in Stockholm, I saved up all my money and decided to go. I was so so nervous. My mum drove all the way across the country (isn't she nice?) and dropped me off at the convention. I was going on my own, so I queued up and when I finally got to the tills there was a sign "Edward Furlong couldn't make it, he's filming...." I got so annoyed and upset I left the building, I didn't even go in to see all the other cool things and people. My mum had to pick me up again, then I sent a very angry email to the people arranging the convention and as a sorry they sent me a signed picrutre from Terminator 2 which Mr Furlong had signed. And I was a happy girl again! (sort of...)

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Sunday, rain and work.

Good morning!

So I didn't blog yesterday as I was doing a test all day. Let me tell you how it went..
I thought it was really hard this time, but I still had an ok feeliang when I walked out from every test, you don't find out your result unilt after 4 weeks but if you look at the past 3 years I got about a 1.6 (!!!) on my math and 1.2 on my Swedish/English part. To be honest this is better than i could have ever imagined. Never thoguht I'd get a 1.6 on my maths. But in total this should give me aboug a 1.4 on the test over all. Which is more than enough for me to get into University in September!

I am very proud of myself for this result, hard work pays off! And a massive thanks to Hp-Guiden for existing. I couldn't have done it without them. I didn't get any better on my Verbal part which is a little weird, but on my maths I went from a 0.9 to a 1.6. NOT BAD?

Now, time for me to get ready to walk to work, It's raining to thank God I didn't pack the umbrellas when I was going to the other day. haha. :)

Friday, 27 March 2015

Inför Högskoleprovet.

So tomorrow is the big day (sorry for going on and on about this!).

But I thought I'd write a little post about things to think about before you take this test, and with before I mean the day/week before and on the actual day. So here are my little tips and tricks:

- Make sure you have everything ready the night before so you don't have to think about it in the morning! 

- Wear layers. I know this sounds silly, but you don't want to be too cold because it'll be all you think about in there and you won't be able to focus properly. And if it's too warm in the room you can take something off. 

- Prepare some snacks for the breaks. I've read that a lot of people recomend nuts and fruit. I don't like eating fruit unless it's cut up so I'm bringing sweets (almost the same, right?!). 

- Don't stress, just do the best you can. You can do the test as many times as you'd like! 

- Go to bed early, even if it's Friday

I'll take these things with me + coffee and water. Carl is bringing me my chicken salad at lunch time and we're going to eat together in the school. I'll also bring my phone with a few good songs on to listen to in the breaks when I go outside for a bit of air.

For everyone taking this test tomorrow - Good luck!

New in: Yves Rocher

Finally got my things from Yves Rocher, it normally doesn't take more than a coupld of days to get the stuff but it took a little over two weeks this time? I was seriously worried for a little while, haha. Not too big of an order this time, just a few things I'm starting to run out of.

They didn't have my normal shampoo so decided to give this one a go, I'll let you know what it's like after I've tried it. The shower gel however smell so good a actually want to eat it. It smells so much like sorbet it's crazy.

The consealer is new in my little collection, it wasn't easy picking the right colour online. Haha, how do you people do it? I think I got it right though, I'm pretty yellow (haha) so I just picked the most yellow looking colour they had?

The other two little bits I actually gof for free, it's a little perfume which smells very.. flowery.. I might give it to someone, it's quite.. old lady smelling (if that's a thing?). And the night cream I'll keep for myselk for when I run out.


Hello Friday!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Good evening!

Just had a go at Periscope on Twitter, have you tried it?

It's pretty much like a live stream of yourself, or anything you point your phone camera to. It's pretty fun but I can't use it on my phone as it's only on Iphones for now. :( But Carl's phone had to do. But anyway..

I was on there for about 7 minutes total and I think I had 14 people looking at me while i was talking to my boyfriend and watching tv at the same time.. BUT, it only took 2 minutes before some slimeball asked "Boobs?".. What is wrong with people? Not that it matters, but I am wearing a hoody as well, it's not like they were about to fall out or anything.. Some people disgust me.

You won't see a girl going on there like "Dick?".. Sometimes people.. sometimes.. I just wonder what's going on in peoples heads.. Arrrggh.. MEN. ;(

Other than this, Periscope is pretty cool, if you have an Iphone you should try it out! :) Or Meerkat, they're pretty much the same thing..

What's in my makeup bag?

I've seen a few bloggers do this, so i thought: Why not?

Just take a picture of the makeup in your makeup bag, line it up nicely and snap a picture of it. This is what i wear on pretty much daily basis. How small is my eyeliner by the way, haha? I'm sure I stole that from my mum years ago. Also stole a brown one of her which i normally use for my eyebrows but it fell down behind the washing machine sooo.. I guess I'll get it back whenever we move house? :( Haha.

Ps. Tack mamma!

Makeup bag: Ralph Lauren
Compact Powder: Chanel
Eye Shadow: H&M
Mascaras: Lumene, Max Factor
Lip pen: Max Factor (This is awesome!)
Lipstick: Chanel
Eyeliner: Isadora

I've seen something cool!

I read a few different blogs, and one of them gave me a good idea. She asked her readers 10 questions. So i thought "How cool, I want to do that" So here we go. :)

1, Where do you live?
2, What's your favourite treat?
3, What's your dream job?
4, If you had a pet cow, what would you name her?
5, Are you happy?
6, Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
7, What's your special talent?
8, What would you do if you had $
9, What music do you listen to?
10, What would you like to see more in my blog?

There you go, please answer below! :)

Have you seen?

Have you seen this little competition yet? You can win a great selection of beuty products.
To join in with the fun go to Maddes blog

Swedish shipping only! :(

Have fun!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


For a while now I've been looking for a nice dreamcatcher. And then one day about 2 weeks ago I saw an "ad" on facebook. There is this girl in town here who makes them! How perfect. I won't only get a new pretty dreamcatcher, it will be specially made for me, by a young girl who's trying to make a little business out of what she likes - which is really cool. Always a fan of someone who's giving something a go like that.

Not sure if she ships world wide, but they are so cute, and she's really talented. I told her what I liked colourwise and she made this one for me. Perfection!

She's on Instagram: fridusdromfangare
And on Facebook: Frida Dahlbo

I am on a roll today!

Oh Hi!

I am getting so much done today, haha. I'm surprised myself to be honest. So far today I have:
- Wrote down all my maths i need to take with on Saturday. (and read it a few times)
- Booked my eye test for my drivers license. (which is later today!)
- Booked a dentist appointment.
- Found my passport (WOHO!)
- Emailed a few different companies who for some reason are sending me my stuff?
- Made sure I know how to move all our bills to our new address.
- Been for a walk with my boyfriend.
- Had breakfast.
- Blogged
And it's only 09:26 in the morning!

Now, time for me to put a wash on, eat an apple and watch an episode of Glee before I get going again. 


Time really does fly sometimes.

This week is going by so quick. My plans for today is to do a lot of "grown up" things. I need to make a few phonecalls, clean and other fun things.. Haha. But as a start I'm going to do a little bit of maths and make sure I'm ready for my test on Saturday. Tomorrow is my last day of studying as I'm working on Friday. Can't wait for this to be over.But I have a good feeling about it. Not trying to think about it too much and the stress feeling has gone down a little (thank God).

What are your plans for the day? :)

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Facial is such a fun word to say. Just say it? Out loud. haha. Facial..
Anyway, this is what my face looks like today, also say Hello to Carl who's workig hard!

Btw, isn't the big question here really "Will she bring the magnetic dart board to her their new flat?"
To be continued.

We're moving!

Today has been a crazy day!

I've been keeping this a secret from you and it has been very hard. But on Sunday we went out for a drive and we decided to drive past a new block of flats we'd seen online. They looked amazing so we decided to have a little talk and after about an hour we were both 100% we wanted to live there. So we applied for one of them, and this morning we went to have a look at one.

These are brand new, so we will be the first people living in this flat. They are very opened plan and you can open the glas"wall" to make it one massive balcony instead of 3 "small" ones. There is also a private place where you can have your boat, there is a sauna, a room youcan book if you're having a big party... There is even a "hotel room" you can book if you're having guests over night. :)

So I just got back from signing the contract, we move in the 25th of April and we couldn't be more excited! Can't wait to get my sun loungers out and just chill in the sun all summer. :)

What do you think? :)

Monday, 23 March 2015

New in: Chanel

So as you know I was in Göteborg last week, and you can't go there without a little trip to NK now, can you? This time I just got a little something. A little bottle of pink gold. I haven't tried it on properly yet, but I will later today. Although, before I bought it I asked if i could try it on, that was Wednesday, it's Monday now and it's still on there, still looking good! As you probably know, that's a loong time if you have a nail polish on without a top coat.

My new nail polish:

Reading time,

I'm actually still reading the same book as a few weeks back, I find it really hard to get into, not sure why.. It's really good for bit but then there is like too much back story? I'm hoping it will get better soon. It's meant to be a bit of a horror but so far - not very scary. I'll write you a full review when I've read it all. Also, as always I need my tea with my book. :) This teapot is just.. perfect! haha.


Hello, new week new leak.. what?

Anyway, Hello!

My test in on Saturday and I'm more than nervous. I'm almost scared. Haha. I really don't want to dissapoint myself or anyone else. I know the people around me don't care that much but I care! I care enough to have developed a fever and a nervous sickly feeling.

If anyone is a pro in coping with stress, let me know!

So, I'm just about to go and make myself a full teapot with tea, and have a little chill time on the laptop before i start reading my book. I really need to get this test out of my head. I have a feeling a good book will help me with that. :)

Oh, how rude of me, how was your weekend?

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Good morning!

It feels like Monday! I think it's because my boyfriend has been off work 3 days this week. I don't normally get to spend much time with him in the weeks. His family went home yesterday, it's been really nice having them here.We ended their Sweden trip with a day in Göteborg, which is always nice. And as always it made me & Carl want to move there even more. :) Hopefully we will soon..

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Förlåt, förlåt förlåt!

Hi everyone!

Last weekend + this week so far has been crazy! Carl's family is here so I need to focus on them a little bit. It's the first time his mother and his brother is here so surely it's understandable? :)

Today we went for a walk around Mariestad and ended up in Candy's for lunch. It's like a small pizza place, but it's quite cozy in there. And now we're just taking it slow. Not sure what we'll do the rest of the day. Hmm..

Also, I ordered something earlier today which I'm excited to show you. It should be here on Friday or maybe Monday next week. Woho! :D

Btw, here's a picture my sister took when we went out on Saturday. :)
Sorry about the quality, I think she took it for Snapchat..

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Michael Kors bags.

There is something which is really bothering me at the moment, and I've just seen another blogger bringning this up as well (so I'm not alone in this..). It's the Michael Kors bags. I'm so sick of looking at these bags. They are everywhere. I understand that he is pretty much the only one who has a "budget" version of his stuff at the moment and more people can buy them.. but still..

I really wanted one about a year ago, but I am so happy i didn't get one. It's not fun anymore. You buy a deigner bag because it's something not everyone can walk around with? right? But now they can. Every 14year old in Sweden has one of these bags right now. Eu.

I've been thinking I might actually get myself a real designer bag instead. I mean a proper one, like the old time classic black Chanel bag. I've also seen (as you know) a really nice Ralph Lauren bag. But I mean now when this whole Michael Kors thing is going on I'd rather get myself a Chanel or a Prada so I can actually feel like I have something not everyone else can walk around with..

The kids need to go back to shopping in H&M and leave the designer stuf for the adults! 

What's you opinion about the Mk's ?
They're a bit like Ed Sheerans voice at the moment. Haha. Quite nice, but everywhere!


This day is going to be - insane!

I have just done half of my makeup and my hair. I can only do half as I'm going to work soon. Don't want to look like I'm going out then.. And then I'll do the rest after work before i get on the train.
After I've posted this I'm going to just make sure everything is fine in the flat, nice and clean, beds are made and little things like that.
I'm off to work in 2.5 hours, I'll be back here at about half 5. Need to get going at about halv 6 to get the train to my brothers for his birthday party. Then a night out, my train back here is a 9 tomorrow morning and then - relax! haha.
To be fair, I'd rather be busy than really bored. :)

This is me right now:

Friday, 13 March 2015

5 Things.

5 things I say a lot:
- Big Day
- You're boring me
- I need a day
- Mhm
- Yeah I know (or as they say in Liverpool Anoyeah)

5 things I think a lot:
- How many calories ar in this?
- This has E-numbers in it?
- This math is killing me!
- You can do this!
- What do we need from the shop?

5 things I dream a lot:
- I dream about friends a lot.
- I dream about things I want (dogs, bags..)
- I dream that people let me down.
- I dream about things I want to do in real life but don't dare to.
- I dream the same things very often..

5 things I love to do:
- Cook & Bake
- Read
- Eat
- Swim
- Write

5 things I want to happen before the end of the year:
- Get into Uni would be swell.
- Drivers license.
- Find & buy my Ralph Lauren bag.
- Run my 5 km.
- Reach my goal weight.

5 favourite smells:
- My boyfriend
- Coconut
- Vanilla
- Pizza
- Winter (there is a very special smell early winter mornings in Sweden)

5 things I laugh at:
- When people throw things
(my boyfriend threw garic bread in the oven and missed one time, nearly weed myself)
- DamnyouAutocorrects, they can have me in tears.
- When people do stupid shit and film it.
- People when they tell me something can't be done.
- Friends.

5 things that makes me me:
- I always get what I want and I don't mind working really hard to get it.
- I can't talk about money without getting annoyed (even if I have more than enough of it)
- I have been told I'm borderline Asberger & OCD.
- I absolutely hate pants, but love Socks!
- I don't mind being one of the boys.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

My favourite quotes!

I love a good quote ever now and then, so I thought i'd share with you my favourite quotes. 
Here we go..

Every time you raise the bar in lifeit takes a greater commitment.
- Bruce Jenner  

If you can dream it, you can do it! 
- Walt Disney

The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.
- Harvey Specter (Suits)

A year from now you may wish you had started today.

- Karen Lamb 

Other good ones: 

By changing nothing, nothing changes. 
-Tony Robbins 

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.
- Theodore Roosevelt 

Competition time with Foki & Evas Underkläder!

Sorry but I'll have to write this in Swedish. :)

Hejsan bloggisar, och Foki! :) 

Jag såg att Foki hade en liten tävling på sin blogg där man kunde vinna en telefon. Guud vad roligt tänkte jag, som aldrig vinner något. Men iallafall. Min telefon håller på att falla ihop i tusen bitar så varför inte liksom.. Haha.  Allt man behövde göra var att välja ut en fin maskerad outfit som man tror att Foki skulle passa i och lite sånt. Lätt som en plätt tänkte jag som läst Fokis blogg i typ 318 år. Så nu har jag valt en, det var svårare än man kunde tro.

Jag har valt den outfiten som är på bilden nedan, för att jag tycker själv att det är skit snygg. Och Foki känns ju väldigt socker söt på något vis, men ändå så tror jag att hon har en liten annan sida som hon tar fram när hon vill. Men jag valde den här för att den är snygg och nästan lite vågad, men inte för mycket liksom. Keep it classy. Även på Halloween, tjejer! 

Det är Alice! :D Och den kommer från Evas Underkläder, dom har en väldig massa Halloween outfits och självklart underkläder och lite annat också. Gå in och kika! :) 

Today's plans!

Good morning people.

Today I have a full day packed. As Carl's mum and brother is coming over in two days and I'm in work tomorrow and Saturday I need to make sure everything is ready for them today. I still have a little bit of cleaning to do, but it won't take that long. Then I need to set everything up, make sure their rooms are ready and things like that.

Oh and I get my bike back today! Yipii! It' such nice weather in Sweden at the moment I can't wait to have it back. My brother borrowed it when he lived outside of town so he could get to work quicker but he's moved now. And I need my bike tomorrow and Saturday to get to work and back. :) There is nothing better than going for a long bikeride in the spring weather.

What are your plans? :)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Big news!

I have decided to apply for Uni for September instead of next spring. Very exciting!
For me, as we can't move to Göteborg yet, this will mean a very long journey to and from school, but I did a little over an hour to school for 3 years when I was younger and I don't really mind. But I'm very ecited! I can apply on Mondag afternoon when it opens.

I am applying for something called Socionomprogrammet. It's a 3,5 year programme and at the end of it I can work as a counselor or oter jobs like that. Which I think would suit me perfectly. However, when i go to Uni if I do my test again I can apply for my 5 year Psychology programme if my test score is good enough. Anyway.. I'M GOING TO UNI! 
(yes, I am very confident I'll get in!)


Follow me on instagram, @janarebeccacaroline 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Time for a writing session!


I've done a little bit of cleaning today, and not it's time for a little bit of writing before I have to start with dinner and other evening things. I'm hoping to get a good few hours in today but you just never know with writing. Last time I did it for about 2 hours but I only actually wrote about 30 words. Sometimes it's just not coming out. haha. Hopefully it will be a bit better today. :)

Anyway, I can't do my writing without two things. Tea and a little snack. :) It doesnt have to be big, you see the apple pie there? That's about the size of two normal table spoons. You just need a little something.

Ah well, time to get to it. Hejdå. :)


Forgive me for writing such a long post, comment if you read it all and I'll send you a present! haha (promise!) 

I am so frustrated right now, as you all know I've been doing a lot of maths lately. It's all for a big test the 28th of March. It's basically a test to get into university. If your grades aren't good enought for you to get into what you want you can give the test a go.

I have done the test ones before and it went ok. I got a 1.0/2.0 which beleive it or not was over average. I know it doesnt sound that good but it's ok. However, if you want to get into a University programme which is a little more.. serious, you need a really good score. I want to do a 5 year psychology programme and the points to get in is 1.8. Which I am nowhere near. And that's why I'm studying, all. the. time.

I think going from 1.0 to 1.8 in one go is a little unrealistic though, so I've given myself a little goal. I want 1.4. Then on October I can do the test again and go for 1.8. That just sounds more doable. However I did an old test at home yesterday (on the computer, which I think is harder and you have to read diagrams and very long texts) and I got 1.2. I'm obviously a little dissapointed with this as my goal is higher than that. But I'm trying not to get too frustrated.

The highest I've gor at home doing the test is a 1.3 which I was very pleased with. So I'm hoping I'm on that level, and then if i have a great day and a little bit of luck I can get 1.4 on the day. :)

Sorry about writing such a long blog post, I just need to get this out of my system. I've been working very hard on this pretty much since September so I will be really really sad ifi don't end up getting in next spring.

Also, for anyone else studyingfor this, I recomend you try HpGuiden.
Det kostar lite, men det är det värt! 

Fingers crossed, only 2,5 weeks to go!

The Hamlets are in town!

Ok, not yet, but they will be. On saturday, at least some of them. Carl's mum and brother are coming to Sweden for a little visit. :) They haven't been here before so I need to make sure the house in clean and ready. haha. I'm also in work Friday night and Saturday so all this has to be done before that. Not that it's very messy but you know.. It's the mother in law, ;) hahah.

I'm looking forward to having them here, and I hope they have a great time when they're here. :)
Time for me to get cleaning, I'll give you an update afterwards! :)

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Happy Saturday!

I haven't been up to much yet, did some maths in the morning and now I've just made myself a full pot of tea and I'm getting ready to do a bit of writing on my book. If you're luky I might post a little skeakpeak of it here one day. ;) haha. If anyone has any writing tips pleas send them my way! Other than that I'm not sure what the days plans are. What are your plans? :)

This is my gorgeous face today, as you can see I'm going au naturel today. :)

Friday, 6 March 2015

A bit of a random fact.

Ok, so I'm swedih ,we all know that. However, my mums nan is from Finland and came here when she was little. And Finlands neighbour Russia wasn't the best of neighbours for a very long time (still isn't..?) you can read more about that here: READ ME!
Long story short, a painter named Edvard Isto painted this painting of a russian eagle and this finnish woman in 1899. This painting is now in the National Museum of Finland, and the woman in this painting and I are related. Mhm, how about that one?!
She is my mums nans nan, and her name is Emilia Sofia.

Let's be friends!