Friday, 27 February 2015

To Sandras house we go!

Today I'm going to my best friends house for the weekend, I haven't seen her for months and I'm mor than excited! I have bought lots of presents for her little baby (who isn't born yet, but still!) and I'm ready for a lot of catching up.

I have known her since i was 13, we were in the same class in school for 2 years and we have been trhought a lot together, she's always there for me and of course I'm always there for her. She's also pretty much the only good friend I still have contact with from that time.

Not sure what the plans are for the weekend but it doesn't really matter. I'm 100% sure it will be great. :)

The Netflix tag

1. What are your favourite series' to watch on Netflix ?
 Suits, New girl and Breaking bad.

2. What are you currently watching on Netflix ?
At the moment I'm watching Under the Dome, Modern Family, Friends and Glee! :) 

3. If you could have any series, old or new put on Netflix, what would it be ?
I'm missing Suburgatory, Red band society and Solsidan.

4. What is your one peeve about Netflix ?
When you watch it on your laptop you don't have a recently watched bit, but on the PS4 you do? 

5. What are your essentials for a perfect night in with Netflix ?
Pyjamas, tea and my boyfriend. :) 

6. Recommend one series or film for someone else.
Suits, don't ask, just watch it! 

7. Name a series on Netflix you keep meaning to watch but haven't yet.
There's so many ! Better call Saul, Sons of anarchy and many more.. 

8. Did you discover anything awesome because of Netflix ?
New girl! It's sooo good! 

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Book Sale round #1

So the book sale has finally started, I read a lot so it's like christmas for me, haha. I always have a good snoop around for books but now.. It's on! When I was in a book shop today I found this beast. I haven't read it before but i have read a different one by Kristina Ohlsson which was really good. If you get the chance read them! I'm sure you can get them in english as well. I'll let you know how awesome it is after I've read it. ;)

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Meet Tuffe, this is my sisters dog. He is a Chihuahua/Papillon and extremely cute. He's not as barky as you might think and he is very very nice. He wouldn't harm a fly. I borrow him sometimes for a week or two as well. You need to take him out for a walk like 400 times a day so it's understandable that my sister needs a break every ones in a while. haha. It's like having a child basically, but since me and my boyfriend are at home a lot it's perfect to have him every so often. Isn't he cute? :)

Tadayo (That was meant to say Today..)

This is what I llok ike today. No I have no makeup on. No I have not brushed my hair. Who cares? I don't so neither should you. :) Ain't nobody got time for that. (have you seen that youtube vid? If not, go, now!) I love this scarf as well, it's sos pretty, I actually bought my dads girlfriend one, and then went back to geet myself one as well. haha. :)

Out for lunch with my sister!

It was my sisters birthday not long ago, and as always I couldn't be there. :( So I took her out for lunch today and I gave her a little present. I know I'm staying at her flat so we could have done it here, but it's just not the same! :) So I had a ceasar salad and a standard diet coke. The salad was pretty good, it looked nicer than it tasted though. haha, but there was no way I could eat it all. 


Hi! I'm at my sisters at the moment, looking after her little dog while she's in school. He's so cute, will try to get a good picture of him for you when we go for a walk in a bit. The train here was ok, I don't mind train but a 5 hour train journey can be a little problematic when I don't use public restrooms. Haha. Not really sure what the plans for today is, yolo? haha.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

100 Days happy

I got this idea from a blogger, I mean, I've heard about 100 days happy before but she posts it once a week, and all the 7 picture in one post instead of one every day. Which is a great idea. So I'm thinking about actually stealing that one. So very shortly I will start my 100 days happy and post some good pictures here. :)

Got the idea from:

On the train.

So I'm on the train at the moment, the train is heading to Stockholm and then I have to get on an other train to Nyköping, which is slightly annoying because Nyköping is on the way to Stockholm, but I still have to go around. It's faster just going in the ca really? But I guess this is what I get for not getting my drivers license. Anyway, I've been on here for a little while now. Time to relax with some music and later I might have a little read. :)

Things to blog about

As a blogger you constantly need to think about things to blog about, and if something happens you think of a good way to write about it in your blog. But sometimes you just run out of things to write about, maybe you're having a bad day and aren't in the mood, or you're just out of ideas.. We've all been there.

So here is a little list of things to blog about when you run out of ideas: 

- What's in your bag? 
Easypeasy, just empty your bag on the table, take a picture and tell us all about it! This makes a great vlog!

- What's in / What's out. 
Tell us what you think is in our/and out at the moment. 

- What inspires you? 
Could be a person, a book, a film.. anything! 

- This happened today.
Tell us about your day. 

- Let your readers ask you questions and then answer them. 

There's a few ideas, an other one is you could always copy this post and just post it in your blog. Haha. I hope this helped some poor uninspired soul out there. Let me know if what you think. :) 

Good morning!

Just got out of a lovely morning shower, in a little bit I will go and make my FitTea. I will give you an update on that later today. And this morning I will be studying as I'm getting a train to Nyköping later. What's your plans for today? :) 

Monday, 23 February 2015

New in!

Just thought I'd show you a few things I've just bought. 2 of my favourite things, from one of my favourite shops. Nail polish and tshirts, haha. From H&M. I wasn't too sure about the blue nail polishes but together they might look really good on a night out. The pink is amazing, and I've already tried it on. I really like the little bits of glitter in it.

The tshirts aren't that special, even came in a pack of two. haha. Very luxurious. I don't know if you can read it but it's organic cotton, which i of course am a fan of. It might just be in my head but it feels nicer than just normal cotton. Also, I didn't plan this, but the tshirts and the nail polishes match! Aren't I a trooper when it comes to shopping!?

Silver & Gold tattoos.

Surely you must have seen these by now? They're like the tattoos you had as a child, but in silver & gold.. and stylish (some of them). At first I thought this was absolutely ludacris and redic, but they're really growing on me. I could actually see myself sticking these things on my skin in the summer. Haha. It would look really good with a nice tan, wouldn't it? Although, if you have one of these on, and then go out in the sun.. would your tan get weird? I mean because you'll get a weird tan line?

What do you think about these bad boys?

I've had the craziest night.

I went to bed ad about 9 as I was so tired after skiing all afternoon yesterday. Then I woke up at about 1 at night and smelled something really burned, so i checked everywhere to make sure nothing was on... We ate pizza for dinner, so I was pretty sure it wasn't us anyway.. Then i rang Securitas just to see if they could do something (this is the first time this has happened and i didn't realy know what to do.) But the guy on the phone told me to just ring 112 straight away and if i see smoke wake everyone up.

There was no smoke that I could see, and the guy I was speaking to as SOS told me to feel everyones door handle to check if one was really warm, but nothing.. After just like 3 minutes the fire men came and checked everything out. They couldn't find anything but the smell kept me awake and worried till halv 4. Then I had nightmares till half 5 and then finally fell asleep properly and I just woke up!

So now I'm getting ready for a very VERY stressful day (will most likely decide to not do anything instead..)

And on a light note, here are some pictures of our skiing. :)


I am so happy I decided to not to have my hair out when skiing, look at it! Thank god I've been out in the snow and know how to deal with things like this! haha.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

I'm going skiing!

So, last night i went to my stepmums surprise 40th birthday party. It was really fun, good food and we somehow decided we're going to go skiing today?! Haha, I've never been skiing, neither has Carl so e're both a little nervous I think. But it will be soo much fun. We'll have our own private teacher as well so hopefully we won't die. :p

I promise to take A LOT of pictures and post them all here later! I'm 100% sur Carl will be realy good at it and I will be really REALLY bad at it. Ah well, it's all fun and games right? :)

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Running around.

Aaah, this morning I have been running around like a little tazmanian devil, haha. We started out with a standars McDonalds breakfast (I love their pancakes!), then went to town to get some stuff for tonight. And now I'm finally here, ready to relax for a little bit.

Going to make myself some tea in my beautiful little teapot like I'm 80 years old and then watch some Keeping up with the Kardashians. Watching that is like the ideal way to relax, you don't have to think, you don't even really have to know whats going on.. haha you just sit there for 42 minutes and look at your laptop (like a monkey?) and drink your tea. You should try it! :)

Friday, 20 February 2015

What's your plan

this evening? 

My plan is to do some writing on my book, then when Carl is off work I'll get the snacks out and we'll probably watch a film together. He said he felt like wathing some thing really good. Which in our house means something with either DiCaprio or Tom Hanks. Haha. It's leaning towards Catch me if you can or Slumdog Millionaire (which I've never seen). 

And the snacks for the evening will most likely be Popcorn! LOVE. 

Yves Rocher - My Addiction.

The other day I told you I like the bran Yves Rocher, so i thought I'd show you what products I have and use pretty much on daily basis. I also have a few absolute favourites which I'll also tell you about a bit further down.

This is the complete collection (I think..)

These are day & night creams. Pretty much like an anti wrincle cream, to keep your face young and fresh. If they work? No idea, we'll see in 20 years I guess. But they make your face feel fresh and hydrated, and the creams smell really nice. 

I always have at least one of these with me where ever i go. They're obviously all hand creams. The yellow one just smell like a lotion, you know what typical lotion smell? haha. I haven't actually opened the raspberry one yet, but the Blackberry one smells so good my boyfriend had to taste it. Haha. And it makes your hans super soft! 

This lipstick will last all day, the colours are really good and they last even if you have a few drinks and a meal or two durring the day. They're great. I have one of their cheaper lipsticks as well, but I'd rather spend the few extra £££ because there is a big difference. 

Day & Night cream: 329kr each (about £32)
Hand creams: 35kr (about £3.50) The pink and purple ones were christmas specials i think!
Lipstick: 139kr (£ about 14) There are about 20 different colours to choose from! 

Right now!

This is me right now, doing nothing - as planned.

Also, forgive me for my very bright picture.. I have sleep circles under my eyes today, so something had to be done! haha. You know you would have done the same thing? Mhm. Not even Kim Kardashians makeup artist could have saved me today. And we all know she works wonders? haha.

I'm off!

Yeey! I'm off today, I did all my studying yesterday so son i get to relax till Monday! Knowing me thoguh, I'll probably get back on it on Sunday. Haha. I'm feeling extremely focused at the moment.

So what should I do on my day off? At the moment I'm planning to do absolutely nothing, except for drinking a lot of tea and maybe start a new book. :) Btw, If you know any really good books please please please let me know! I'm running out of books at home and I don't like doing to the library without knowing what to look for. I like all sorts of books so just go for it! :)

Btw, have you seen Karl Lagerfeld's library? What a dream!

Thursday, 19 February 2015


It's Thursday and we all know what that means? TBT!

Let me take you back to different time, a time when i lived in a country far far away.. (England)
I thought I'd show you some pictures from right before we moved to Sweden, these are from when me and Carl used to go for walks every night. And this is one of my favourite walkd we did as well.. Out to Hilbre Island in West Kirby. :)

Also, I don't know if you can tell, but I'm about 10kg's heavier in these photos. haha.

Ps, don't judge my shoes, it's VERY muddy going out to these little islands.. 

6 very random things that makes me cry.

These things will have me in tears, some of them of happiness, and some of sadness. Hopefully you can get which feeling belongs to what. haha

1, When men cry. 
I don't know why, but I can't stand seeing men cry. I will burst into tears if I watch a film and a man gets emotional, or if my boyfriend is chopping onion and gets onion eye. Not sure why but I just can't deal.

(looking at this picture nearly had me..)

2, When I watch Spårlöst.
You know the type of show where someone who was adopted look for their real parents, and then when they find them and everyone is all happy and crying I will 100% start crying. I'm a mess.. haha

3, Really cute dogs. 
They just get me. I want them all.

4, Llamas. 
I really really can't handle llamas. If i had a llama I'd cry of happiness and laughter all day long. It would be the best! When I have my own a massive house with a big garden I'm getting a pet Llama.

5, When my sports team loses. 
I have a weird way of getting really into games if I'm in the right mood. I watched  Sweden play the hockey final (i think) last year. When we lost I actually cried and had to go for a sulk bath for a good hour or so. Really ruined my week. I'm the same if I'm really really into a football game..

6, Pretty much every half hour when it's that time of the month. 
Surely I'm not the only one on this one? haha

Eveline 8in1 - My nail secret!

I used to have i big problem with my nails, well first of all I uesd to bite them, 2nd of all i do a lot of swimmin so my nails get soft and break very easily. But that was last year! I have finally found something that works for me. Woho! Here is some good tips on how to get long and thick nails, and keep them that way!

1, To stop biting my nails I started doing my nails every 3 days. You know just when the nail polish starts to fall off, do them again!
- That way you've always just done your nails, and we all know that takes a long time so we don't want to f*ck it up by biting them. 

2, Cutilar cream.
Makes all the difference, keeps your hands looking young and fresh. *sighing dreamy.. aaaaahhh*

3, The best thing in the whole world, Eveline 8in1!
I found out about this in work, my frined gave me one of her ones for me to try (as you can't buy them in Sweden?). You do your nails with this ones a day. It dries really quick and it's an almost clear colour. You do this for a week, then remove it all and start over.
You nails will look really good after only like 2 weeks, they will be thicker and look like you've had them done by someone. After a few days the nails go a little bit whiter because of the colour, and it looks sooo good! I am in love! 

This is what my nails look like now, I have used Eveline 8in1 pretty much every day since August.
Btw, you can obviously have a coloured nail poslish on top if the Eveline if you get sick of the natural look.

I ordered my Evelines online, they ar about £8 and one bottle lasts about 6 months.

No, Eveline did unfortunately not pay me to write this, but they might as well have!
I'm like a living ad poster for their brand! 


I'm about to go make myself a tea, let the rabbit out and then start my studying. Tomorrow I'll do a little update on the FitTea for you as well. Woho!

Here's an eary morning webcam picture for you. :)

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hot chocolate on a stick.

Hello there, so what have I been upto this afternoon? Let me tell you.. I have been making hot chocolate sticks. When i lived in Belgium I loved these chocolate squares you put in hot milk and they melted ad it made a really good hot chocolate. Well.. We don't sell them in Sweden (at least not in the shops i go to..) so i decided to make them!

All you need to make 10 of these aswesome chocolate sticks is:

- A lot of dark chocolate 70% or more.
(I used 100g of dark baking chocolate and 100g of 72% normal chocolate) 
- A little bit of cream
(About a table spoon..)
- Some sort of sticks.
(I used some bbq sqewers and then cut them into 3.)
- Last but most certanly not least, an ice.. thing.
(Or something else to have the chocolate in/on.)

Soo this is what you do.. 
Melt the chocolate, I did in the microwave because I'm lazy. It takes about 3minutes.
Make sure to check the chocolate a couple of times, we don't want it to burn! 
When the chocolate is all melted, pour in the cream and stir till you can't see the cream.
Use a spoon to put the melted chocolate and cream mic into the ice thing..
Don't worry if it takes a bit of time, the sticks will stand up more easily if th chocolate isn't 100% runny. 
Put the sticks in.
(I made little cuts in the wooded sticks so the chocolate doesn't just fall off when I put it in the hot milk)
Then put them in the fridge, and eat/drink whenever you want!

Today's makeup!

This is the makeup I have on today, nothing special, just my normal every day stuff. :)

Mascaras: MaxFactor & Lumene
Powder: Chanel
Lip..pen?: MaxFactor
Eyeshadow: H&M
Makeup bag: Ralph Lauren

My curly hair blow dry.

Okey, so not too bad for a first go? It's not as curly as i would have liked it but it still looks nice, right? Ehm, my hairdryer doesn't ave a cold setting because it's only a small travel one and also my brush is madeof wood. So using what I had, I'm pretty happy!

Good morning!

Today is a big day, I am going to try to do a curly hair blow today. I have wavy hair naturally so i thought it might suit me better than straight hair? We'll see, I'll make sure to take pictures for you! Also I'm unsure if I have all the stuff i need.. Wish me good luck? haha.

This is the goal:

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

I tried soo hard..

.. to get a good picture of myself today, but it's just one of those days i guess.

I think a good blogger posts a lot of pictures, especially of the blogger her/himself. And I feel a little bad because the last 3 pictures of me has been really bad quality because of my laptop cam. So here is a picture from the summer when I first for my car. :)

Some people might recognize this from my twitter?
Also, this is what I look like au naturale, no makeup and clearly - no hair brush! 


Today is Fettisdag in Sweden, which means Fat Tuesday, and it's the only day of the year we eat Semlor. A semla is like a little bread bun, with cream and almond inside. They are delicious. I normally make them myself and I did this time as well. So now for the rest of the afternoon I will have me brew, eat my semla and read my magazine. :)

Business like a Swede!

Haha, came across this today, as a Swede I must say I quite like it. Have a watch and let me know what you think? :) Now, time for me to make a coffee before I fall asleep by my desk. Btw, it wasn't long ago i thought of getting myself one of those Pilates balls to have by my desk..

If the link doesn't work: Click here!

Good morning!

It's time for me to try to get back to normality and get my studies going. I've so far just had my Fit Tea brew this morning. So time for me to get ready and start with some maths. :)

Let's be friends!