Thursday, 29 January 2015

Oh hello,


So as you know by now I'm very busy at the moment with my studying. Today has been all maths and it's not been great. haha. I have set up little goals for every week, and this week if i got 13/24 on my maths I'd get a box of grapes and a magazine. Might sound easy and yesterday i gor 12/24, but this morning went really bad and I gor numbers like 9 and 10.. Went to bed, had a meltdown, got a peptalk and got back to my dest and got a 15! :D YEY!

I actually got 9/24 on my actual test last time i did it on one part of the maths so 15 is great! Next week it's a gifferent kind of maths and hopefully that will go just as well. :)

Other than that I haven't been up to much, I mean, i study all week and work the weekends.

Also, doesn't it feel like Friday today? Hmm..

Anyway, here's a few pictures of my beautiful face from yesterday.
What was my hair upto?

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


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New Years Resolutions

I like having New Years resolutions because I like to have goals. These are my 5.

1, Read at least one book / month
- I read a lot, this will not be a challenge.

2, Write more on my book.
- Yeah, I'm writing a book. :)

3, Learn to stand up for myself.
- What happened? I need to grow a pair.

4, Try something new!
- I'm feeling getting a diving certificate. But i shouldprobably go for driving instead?

5, Get a 1.4 on the Uni-test.
- Got a 1.0 last time, but i only syudied for 3 weeks. This time i have 3,5 months. IT'S ON!

What's yours?

Oh yeah, so we went to Riga.

Last time I posted something here was on the way to Stockholm, a little cruel to not show you any pictures from out little getaway, isn't it?

So anyway, we went to Riga over New Years, and it was really good, would absolutely go back, but in the summer. They boat there and back was.. rocky.. to say the least.. But Riga was very like.. old school and the buildings were amazing. So many old houses and cherches. :) You should go there if you get the chance!

Also, New Years there was cool because they had a whole stage thing going on with music and fireworks and drinks and food out on the streets..

Riga, not sure what this building is called (which i know is very bad, as i was there..) but it's amazing architecture

This one is of Regeringshuset in Stockholm, (The goverment building..) just had to take a picture because it's a beaut. And also because I've never been in Stockholm properly before, so i was very touristy..
 Some cool old buildings i Gamla stan. :)

 Went into a cafĂ© in Stockholm to warm up and ordered some mulled wine and this is what we got. It's so cute! Also it was in a basement(?) and they only had candles for light and lock wooden tables. It was the best!

 Carl is showing how big our rom on the boat was. I have one word for this room - Stainy. We got someones old party room for sure. Lucky we booked a really nice superior room in Riga so i had time to recover before we had to go back.. :)

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