Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Om my way to Stockholm

Jag had precis skrivit ett jättefint och långt inlägg, skulle bara byta låt på sotify och så försvann allt..  på engelska och allt var det. Blir så trött..

Iallafall, sitter på tåget till stockholm just nu, med carl såklart!
Vet inte riktigt vad vi ska hitta på för vi är bara där i några timmar innan vi åker vidare till Riga för att fira nyår.
Jag har inte vart i stockholm sen jag var liten så är ganska taggad, och carl har ju aldrig vart där, så det ska bli roligt. Och ingen av oss har ju vart i Riga, eller Lettland alls.
Ska bli spännande att se hur dom firar nyår där. :) och det är vårt 3e nyår tillsammans, och vår 3e stad och land vi firar i.
Innan har vi kört Liverpool och Göteborg. Nära och smidigt liksom.

Aja, nu ska jag jobba lite på mina nyprslöften, vem vet, kanske skriver ut dom här nör jag är klar! :)

Monday, 22 December 2014


Good morning,

Today was meant to be a really busy day for me but im still feeling quite ill. Anyway, im going to go to town and get little bits for christmas and get the last present for Carl, ♥

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Back from england!

Hello, so it's christmas soon and i've done all my shopping and decorated the flat. Everything is booked for our little trip over new years and it's time to relax!

We got back from england a few days ago, it was really nice to see the friends and family again. Really sad we missed little Chloe who was born yesterday though. Would have been amazing to see her before we went back.

So what were we doing in england? Lets do everyday in 5 words.

Sunday: car, kfc, shrew, family, sleep
Monday: math, relaxing, reading, Jans food ♥
Tuesday: shopping, chocolate, takeaway, lloyds, costa.
Wednesday: liverpool, hotel, shopping, love, dominos.
Thursday: shopping, tired, nan, reading, preparing.
Friday: party, jumper, cali, drinks, friends.
Saturday: tired, roadtrip, scotland, dinner, family.
Sunday: car, sleep, hungover, hugs, pizza.
Monday: math, packing, stress, talk, caring.
Tuesday: ill, coach, plane, sweden, happy!

There we go, haha. It was fun and i cant wait to go back again. :)

Friday, 5 December 2014

La Sensuelle

This is what happens when Carl tells me fo "go shopping" for a bit.
I come back with a Chanel no40 lipstick and a really nice Ralph Lauren makeup bag.
The lipstick is really good, tried it on last night, still looked fab in the morning. haha. It's a really nice red colour, when i bought it it looked more purple but I'm happy it's omre red because i got a purple one for my birthday. :)
The makeup bag is just a normal one, it's quite small but that's perfect for me since i don't use much makeup at all. Taking it with me to England on sunday! Wohoo! 

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Oh hey!

So i found out my HP score the other day. Which is the score i got on my uni test. I got a 1.0, i thought i was going to get a 1.1 because i had  95/160 aswers correct. Weird. Anyway, not sure how they calculate this stuff but i said if i get a 1.0 I'm happy.

On monday i start studying again, the next test is in March. So that gives me about 4 months to get a higher result on my test. I'd like a 1.4 or more on the next one but we'll see i guess..

This is me todaaaay:

Friday, 7 November 2014

Happy Friday,

Ah, it's friday. For most people that means weekend and relaxing, for me - it means work. But lucky me, my job is most of the time very relaxing. Abount a month ago i studied for my uni test, and work was almost like my time off, because when i was at home all i did was maths and read.. So anyway, I'm ready for work, all i have to do before i go is eat, and i start at 13.30.. and it's now 10.59. So i have all the time in the world. Aaaah..

Time for me to get back to watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. Hejdååå

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Happy Thursday ?

Good evening everybody.
I'm in bed drinkin a cup of tea while Carl is playing Fifa. In a little while we're going to watch a few episodes of Prison Break and fall asleep. :) This is me right now..

Also, if anyone have andy ideas of what i could put on the wall behind me, let me know!?

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Today i read another post about how a girl i know is going on a diet and living on powder for two weeks. So many things about this pisses me off, first of all, i have tried that, yes it does work but you feel like a bag of absolute shit while you're eating this, and it doesn't taste good at all. You feel weak and your breath smells of ammonia. You also feel dizzy constantly and you get tired and really grumpy. Do you lose weight though? yes.

But as soon as you start eating normally the kilos will jump straight back on. I don't understand how people can think living of powder a week and then go back to eating shit all the time will help them. it won't. To lose weight properly and keep it off you need to change your food and exerciser habits.

That's something i wrote a while back. I can't actually remember writing it but i still agree. BUT do you know what i got in the post today. Diet powder. I know. Haha. What the hell. Anyway, I'm doing it to get a kickstart, i have been very busy lately and i haven't had time to go the pool and stuff so I'm feeling (not looking) chubby. And being a former anagirl it's not a great feeling. I feel like I'm about to have some sort of meltdown. So i bought myself some diet powder. 2 weeks of hell for about a 4kg weightloss.

Last time i lost 6kg's in a week when i did this. As i wrote a while back you don't feel too good while you do this, but hey. it's only two weeks! We'll see how much i lose this time, might not be as much as I'm 30kgs lighter now. haha.

Ah well, ergh, can't beleive I've sunk to this level. Mhm, hopefully i'll go from Fat to flat. :)

My 2014 - January

2014 is slowly but surely coming to an end. I'ts been a good year for me. Some ups and downs as always but over all a good year. Got a new job which i love., met some new people.. Anyway i thought i'd post a little something about every month through the year so far.. :) 


Started the new year in Göteborg on the 23rd floor in a bar with a random family from Norway, really nice people. Also, the dad knew the royal family. mhm. not bad! haha. Here I am am about 21.00 on new years. :) (before i did my hair.. which to be honest I can't remember if i did or if i just kept it like that. haha I'm a mess!)

Spent some time with this little gremlin as well. It's my sisters but we kidnap him every so often.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Hi.. *saying hi like Ross in Friends when he's sad*

Ibland vill man skriva en massa, men det går inte för det är en blogg på internet, mhm. men ja. orkar inte. känner mig nere. hej så länge. puss.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

What to do..

Oh hey,

So at the moment i am sitting by my laptop and looking in the mirror, because that's what i do.
No, not really but i am looking in the mirror because i have just straightened my hair, and it's sooo long.. I don't know what to do with it? I need to do something? I don't want to like.. cut it off.. but maybe change the colour? This is au naturale! I haven't dyed my hair for like 3 years and now it's all my own colour, and im thinkin about changing it.. standard!

Any ideas people? Let me know!
Also, why it my head so round? haha

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

ELF Högskoleprov

Oh hey people!
Do you like my new header and design? :)

I have just been going through some english for my test next week. It's so hard. I mean my english is pretty good but when it comes to reading texts you have no interests in and then answer questions about the text. Here is an example  for you..

Scientific Progress

The majority of scientists bask in the surviving afterglow of the Enlightenment, with its optimistic attitude about the all-conquering power of human reason supplemented by the methods of empirical inquiry. In particular, the hubris of many 20th-century theoretical physicists seems to know no bounds. “A theory of everything” is just round the corner, needing only one more bundle of money to finance the ultimate particle accelerator or super-powerful telescope, to put the last pieces of the puzzle in place.

What is the writer’s attitude to the promises of scientific progress?
  • Factual
  • Ironic
  • Uncritical

I know the right answer, do you?

BooTea Review

Oh yeah, about 3 weeks ago i ordered this tea. Bootea. It`s meant to make you into a super model over night. Pretty much. And to make a long story short.

Everyone says the morning tea tastes like lemon? I thought it tasted like warm water?
It didn't really taste of anything att all, it was nice to drink but not worth £20 haha.

The evening tastes like mint. It's nicer than the morning tea, and i don't normally like mint tea.
This is meant to have a laxitive effect? Not too sure about that..

I followed the diet and did my normal exercise, and I lost a total of 200grams.
Although, the tea tasted nice, it made you feel full and gave you energy, I also didn't want to snack as much..
And I easily get really bloated and i didn't get it at all during these 2 weeks. yay!

But pretty much, this is a tea that tastes nice, some people lose a bit of weight, some don't.
Let's be realistic, you will not lose 8kg's in 2 weeks..

I will probably get this again becasue it makes you feel fresh and it tastes good.

Just go out for a walk and have an apple instead of a bag of sweets and the weight will drop off you.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Evening Watson.

Today has been a busy and pretty awful day to be honest. I'm so stressed at the moment it's absolutely redic. Trying to pull myself together and get shit done but it's impossible. You know when you have so much to do you end up doing nothing? Yeah, that's me!

I can't wait til' next week is over. I have a massive test for uni next Saturday, which i have been trying to study for for about a month now, and it's gone pretty well, but i need it to go really well. This is my future we're talking about here. No messing around people!

Ah, So I've took a test today, like THE test, but the one from 2012. Very. Much. Depressing.
I got a 0.7/2.0 I need a 1.7 to get into the uni I want to go to and to do the shit i want. Yes i had to pick one of the top things. That's me. I just have to be a little bit better than everyone else. hahah.
No the thing is, when i get something in my head i go for it, and i get it done.

Let's go through some examples (to make myself feel better..)
- When i was 16 i started telling people "One day I'll move to Liverpool"
   - When i was 20 i moved. To Liverpool (ish).
- When i was 16 i also said I'm going to sort out my grades and take school seriously.
  - When i graduated i passed all courses. with. good. grades.
- Last summer I said i wanted to start my own business.
  -  enough said.
- 2 months ago i said i wanted to be Dr Alvarsson of Psychology..
- .. Only 7 years to go.. And i actually need to get into uni as well..

Ah this blogpost is getting too long, there is nothing worse than long blogposts, you read blogs to look at pectures? well i do anyway. so to all you bloggers out there, small texts, big pictures! You're welcome.

Ses imorgon. Puss.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

I want to write a book.

Hi, anyone out there who's a good writer?
I've been thinking about writing a book for a long time, but I'm having problems with the start, and as one of the books is about me, I'm having problems with how personal it should be.. What should i leave out? What should I absolutely not leave out? Any help would be great. :)

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Here, have some photos!

I'm thinking of making a new header as i look like I'm about 12 in the one i have now.. Hmm.. Any good ideas of what it should look like? :) Anyway, just got back from the gym/pool and my legs are dead. Ah well, going for peach ass 2015! hahah. Here are some super hot pictures of moi. Time to get back to work, wihohoh. Hejdå. 

Ps, I got that magnetic dartboard for my birthday 2 years ago. My boyfriend sure knows what a lady wants. Last year i got a ping pong table set.. I wonder what I'll get this year.. hmmm.. Mini basketball hoop maybe?

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Julafton ?

Jag vet inte om det är julafton eller vad som händer men den här veckan har vi fått 2 nya golv i lägenheten, jag har idag fått hem ett fint paket från Yves Rocher och jag har beställt hem lite saker från Nelly. :) Men så är det ju så att när man beställer från Nelly så är det inte alltid man får hem sakerna.. Så vi får väl se om ett par dagar vad som kommer och vad som inte kommer.. Lite tråkigt men så är det, man måste ju gambla lite ibland? haha.

Beställde bland annat dessa två, :)

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Hellooo, finaly back in the pool for the first time after summer! (i say after summer because at the moment its like +7c here in the morning and not very warm in the day time.. wää) anyway, i feel like swimming season has started again! Since it was the first time in like 2 months i had to take it pretty slow and i only did 1km. Tomorrow I'm back in there and going to the gym as well so woho! Feels good to be baaccckkk.

Mhm, my plans for the afternoon is go and to a massive shop of food and then basically move our livingroom into our bedroom and office because tomorrow we're getting a new livingroom floor. Can't wait! Got a new bedroom floor today so at the moment our bed is in the livingroom and everything is a mess. Quite liking watching tv in bed tho, might get myself a tv for christmas.. haha. :)

Aaand, we've had this little noodle at ours for about a month now.. i wonder when my sister wants him back? hmm..

Monday, 18 August 2014


Happy Monday! Woho!!

At the moment i am waiting for my kladdkaka to be done, it's a swedish type of cake.. Its a bit like a sticky brownie, haha. Basically what happened was Carl said "I'll give you a 10min massage if you bake a kladdis" and now we are here.. 4 minutes till it's done and i cant wait for my massage later (more like back tickles really.. haha)

Other than that i'm working quite a lot at the moment, nothing fancy just a bit of an office job which allowes me to read a book and drink a lot of hot chocolate. What else could you possibly want? :)

Anyway, if you have a blog (in english) please post it below.. im on the lookout for new blogs!


Friday, 20 June 2014

Glad Midsommar!

Just checking in to wish everyone a happy midsummer, in sweden this is a pretty big deal and everyone has the day off (except for carl, haha). I am pretty much ready to go to my dads. Spending the day there because no one should spend midsummers in a flat. haha. Så hving some lunch and cake there and then a bbq later on when carl get there. Woho!

Also, i've spent all morning doing my hair.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Selling jewellery online

Hi there,

If you have read my blog before you probably know i sell jewellery and have my own business called Rebecca of Sweden. It's goingok, but as all small new companies it's going pretty slow and it's hard to get the business out there. So if anyone have any ideas on how i can improve my skills and if you have any ideas on how to get a business out there and help it grow please let me know.

For now, i have some news on the website, it would be great if you would have a look. :)

(Also, if you're thinking about ordering, 10kr is about £1)

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Chat Countdown!

Hi! So i know i've promised to write a little something about our little app we've been working on. It's a chat app where you chat to strangers for 90seconds, if you would like to speak to them for longer you can press the + button end you'll get an extra minute. If you don't want to speak to them you wait 90sec and then talk to the next person.

You log in with your facebook so you can't really be anonymous in there, which we think is a good thing as you're forced to be more honest and nice to the person you're speaking to. Also if you're younger than 16 you will only be matched with people your age or the founders of the app (for example me!).

After 5 minutes you get the option to send the person your facebook/ instagram / twitter / youtube account so you can keep in touch that way as our goal is for you to chat to new people all the time.

Before you start a chat you can enter in a few words about yourself if you want which the other person will read before your chat starts. If you choose not to do this, the only info the other person will have is your first name, your age and what country you live in (and your facebook profile picture) so we would like to think this app is very safe to use.

Anyway, click here to download the app! --> Download Chat Countdown!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Always say no to strangers.

I just watched a really cute video of a young asian girl being taught to always say no to strangers if they ask her if she wants cookies and things like that. Really cute video (link below) but it also made me think about how often this actually happens. I'm not sure how many kids this happens to but i can assure you it's happened to me, my brothers and my sister a few times when we were kids..

I remember when i was a little girl (can't have been older than 6) and we lived in a small town in Sweden, people would absolutely call this a safe place for your kids to play outside.. and I was asked to go to the neighbours and get my brother because the dinner was ready. This was about 25m away. An old man starts shouting me from about 50m away and i stop because he told me to.. Then when he is closer he asks me if i want sweets.. just like that.. I said no, like i had always been told.. and he got angry with me.. and i ofcourse got a little scared but didnt really dare to just run off.. then he asked me if i wanted 5kr (about 50p) and I said yes.. He gave me my 5kr and i started crying because i was scared and i knew i wasnt allowed to take things from strangers. He then got really angry with me and asked my what i was crying for.. I then said "I want to go home!" and then ran back into my house.. I told my dad, the old man was long gone and my dad had to go get my brother, and i was never asked to do that again..

This is one of many stories i have like this..

My younger brother who now is 17 used to always be asked ifhe could show people the way to ifferent places when he was younger.. As in "I dont know how to get to the city centre, why dont you jump in and show me.." he thankfully always said no.. who would have known what would have happened if he didnt..

Anyway, i think i was quite bad like this when i was younger because first of all i said yes to the 5kr.. and i also accepter rides with strangers twice. One was a really old man (and i had seen his wife as well so wasnt very worried as i had just fainted outside.. peados was the last thing on my mind).. Thankfully he was just a really nice old man offering me a ride when i couldnt get home on my own..

The other time was when we had just moved to a new place and i got lost, went into the petrol station and borrowed a phone and a man offered to drive me home. Why did i say yes to that? Anyway, i did and he was also just a nice guy helping out.. but that was just luck, i could have been kidnapped and raped.. who knows..

I'm sure women do things like this to, not just men but it's always been men approaching me with sweets and other things. How can this be so normal? Like it happens to everyone? How many sick people are there really out there..

The worst thing (like this) thats ever happened to me was when i was about 12 and i was on the bus home with one of my friends. A guy walks on the bus, clearly not sober.. and he sits down one seat infront of us but on the other side so he can look at ut.. and he gets his dick out.. yeap.. ha actually did.. and start.. you know.. mhm.. Told my mum when i got home and she rang the police, you know what happens then? I had to look at 5 photots (all 20years old to make it more fair or something.. the police told me) and i must have picked the wrong one because i never heard anything after that.. so i'm guessing he's still out there looking at poor little girls on busses with his dingdong out..

Anyway, we clearly cant't do much about the sickos out there in the world, but wveryone with kids or young brothers/sisters should be really REALLY clear to make sure they always say NO to strangers, men or women. It might just be someone trying to be nice.. but it might not be! Always say no to strangers kids!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

10 things you didnt know about me

I feel like i have been posting a lot of negative things here lately so it's time for a change. :) Here we go!

- When I was 10 i swam 1km, and the pool staff asked if i wanted to join the swimteam.
- I always wear socks (except for in the shower/bath).
- I absolutely hate talking about money.
- I constantly count calories and feel bad if i don't exercise daily.
- My favourite food is probably bread. All kinds of bread. 
- I like keeping it real (no fake nails, fake lashes, fake tan, fake hair).
- I love watching documentaries, especially about the sea and the world wars.
- I am 100% certain I will live in America or Australia at some point in my life.
- I own 12% of a really cool phone app.
- I think I'm a really good girlfriend. 

Some juicy facts in there, haha I will write a post about the app i own parts of soon. ;) 

Friday, 7 March 2014


Hello, thought i'd post a bit of a happier post today. haha. So it's friday and i decided to not go swimming this morning because I'm lazy and fat. :) or just tired. I'm about to get ready to go out as I'm going with Carl when he's getting a haircut.

Oh yeah, Carl's friend Ben is coming over today, haha coming over, like he lives next door.. anyway, he's staying over the weekend so let's see if Mariestad has enough fun things to keep us busy for 3 days.

Ah well, i think that's it for now. :) Have a great friday people! Wihoo

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

People in the gym and Nike air shoes.

Good morning, today i would like to speak to you about people in the gym. I thought you go to the gym for exercise. For example i go to the gym for all the machines because i dont really know how to train those muscles at home without equipment. But lately my friend has been snapshatting me videos and pictures of not herself, her friend in the gym. So first of all she's on her phone in the gym? And second of all, she's sending videos of her friend actually exercising in the gym, so she's basically just going to the gym to film her friend?

I think it's ok to have your phone with you in the gym, if it's for music or if you are expecting a really important phonecall, for example your sister is giving birth.. or your nan is in the hospital dying.. You get my point. I just don't understand. Why would you spend that much money on a gymcard when you clearly have no interest in doing any exercise. And if your friend is trying to get her workout done, why are you bothering her?

I don't really know why this bothers me so much but it reallt gets me.

Also, something that's been annoying me lately is Nike shoes, sure some of them look pretty good, but guess what people, these are running shoes. They are not meant to be worn all the time. And red and pink still doesnt go together, and neon colours are still not good shoe colours. And also, you can go to the gym without Nike shoes. Beleive it or not, normal running shoes will do you just fine - even if they are black! (oh no she didnt!)

I wouldnt mind having a pair of these Nike air max shoes, but i wouldnt get them in a hidious neon colour so i need sunnies to look at them, and i wouldnt walk around in them all the time. I wouldnt go shopping in my trainers? And why is this all of a sudden ok? If i ever get a pair, they would be a little more.. pretty, and they would only be worn to, in or from the gym. End of story.

I know people might not agree with this (clearly..) but you will look at photos of yourselfs in 15 years and wonder what you were thinking. This is one of the things your kids will laugh at in the future.

Ok, enough with the grumpy writing. how's your day so far? Mine is great, just got back from my swim, 2.3km. I did well. And also today is semeldagen (fat tuesday in sweden) so i will be digging into a creamy cake later on! yumm.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Happy Monday!

Let me tell you about something that happened yesterday, this is something i never thought i would do - ever. I said no to free pizza! haha, i know right, can't beleive it myself really. I was in work, and i was offered a pizza as the family i work with were having some for dinner, and i turned it down. Mhm! It hurt really bad as well, haha. I'm quite proud of myself for me self dicipline though. :) Also, had a great dinner with my boyfriend in the evening, chicken, chips and bea. Yumm!

Anyway, i havent done much today, been a bit of a chill. Cleaned a little in the morning and then read some of my new book i got last week. It's Carolina Gynnings book Laura. I've read nearly half of it now, it's better than i thought it would be to be honest. I know I'll have read it all by tomorrow so going to the library again later (like the bookwork i am nowadays). Got 3 books on my list again this week, it's:

George R. R. Martin - A Game of Thrones (i think we all know what this is? it's the first book behind the awesome TV-show.)

Carlos Ruiz Zafron - The shadow of the wind (will get this in Swedish because the original is in spanish so it's translated anyway so no point getting it in snglish really..?)

Carolina Gynning - Vanessa, flickan i glaskupan (the 2nd part of the book I'm reading now. Also in Swedish because the author is Swedish so no translation here.)

I'll let you know what i think of them all when I'm done reading them all, shouldn't take too long! haha. Ah well, that's it for today, feels good to be back on the blog! Will try to update it more than ones every 4 months now as well, shouldnt be too hard with the job i have at the moment. Speak soon!

Ignore my boyfriends georgeous socks! haha

Let's be friends!