Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Alcohol and drunk people

As i am moving back to Sweden in a couple of months i get a lot of this right now "Aaah no! we have to go out to Liverpool and get pissed" as much as i like going out dancing with my friends it seems like they sometimes seem to forget something.. I don't really drink!

I'm not going to say i don't drink, because i do. I just never get drunk. when i drink this is what happens Drink - feel a bit weird - stop drinking - get tired - going home. Yes that's me! i'm the boring one that always goes home at like 1. Which i really don't mind. Because at 1 in the morning everyone I'm with are too drunk for my taste and I'd rather go to bed half sober at 1 than wake up hungover like someone threw a house at my head the next day - simples!

Also when I drink with my friends now, as i am a slow and boring drinker i don't drink enough according to them, so i get a lot of this "drink drink drink drink".. Let me tell you something, nothing puts me off drinking more than that. It might be the aspergers inside me but i drink when I'm thirsty, i drink things that tastes good and i drink when i want to drink. End of story.

I think it's a little sad sometimes to see how some people HAVE to drink on a Friday night, because it's Friday. But I'm guessing those people think I'm a little sad for watching a film instead. I just think that people who drink loads need to leave people who doesn't drink loads alone. haha. STOP TELLING ME TO DRINK PEOPLE!

That's that for now.

Monday, 8 July 2013

87 days left in the office.

I'm in the office eating my lunch and trying to relax for 5 before the phone rings and i have to get back to work. It's only 87 days now till my last day in the office. I'm thinking about taking a couple of days off at some point, just don't know when. On my days off i plan on going shopping one of the days, and doing absolutely nothing on the other one.

It's weird thinking i won't have a job anymore in 3 months. What if i don't find a new job? It's a very scary feeling. I was very lucky to get the job i have now. It has been a great opportunity to learn a lot and to know what i like to do and also what i don't like to do. This office has a great vibe in it as we're all family. We're like a big happy family in here. I don't think I'll get that anywhere else.

It feels like I'll be both sad and happy on my last day here. It's a good and safe job, but I'm up for a challenge. I'd like to do something cool, maybe something I've never done before..

Exciting times ahead.

Sunday, 7 July 2013


Watching the tennis, never watched tennis in my life but it doesn't look that hard. i might give it a go? Haha. Anyway it's been a busy day, trying to make this mess look like a little bit less messy. But i guess you cant really keep your flat clean with you are moving out in a couple of weeks. Maybe i should stop being lazy bow and get back to cleaning..

Wimbledon and strawberries

Yeah ok, i dont watch tennis, but i like strawberries. So this morning we went to out to pick strawberries with Lee and Kerry and little Jessica of course. So now i'm waiting for the tennis to start so i can eat them. haha. :)

Friday, 5 July 2013


So, it's been a while. I have been busy packing and working. Tomorrow it's 3 weeks till we move out. I cant wait! most of our things are packed and we are sending it to Sweden next week.

Anyway, so my mum was here for a few days this week, so i had half the day off yesterday and i took her to Liverpool for some food and shopping. Got myself a leather jacket as well, i remember in school when everyone had a black one and i didnt, for two reasons:
1, i didnt have enough money to buy one.
2, I was too fat to actually look good in one.
haha, but the one i got yesterday was a size 6 which made me feel awesome for the rest of the day. Good times! So how have you been the last couple of weeks? anything exciting going on? :)

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